The “I” Page


This is where I tell you that I was born at an early age…

In all seriousness I take pride in having integrity and being an honest man. I have a broadened perspective and am naturally creative.

I studied Multi-Media & Web Design at the Art Institute of Atlanta and copywriting out of pure passion.

My “multi-media” experience includes graphic design, typography, web-optimized graphics and animated GIFs. I know most Adobe products and am comfortable on both Mac & PC. I also have experience with video, podcasts, WordPress, HTML, blogging, photography, all social media platforms, public speaking, and even video background music in Garage Band. I also excel at concepts and branding. I’m fast and a team player.

I can even stick together stock videos on Slidley that work.

Copywriting is a passion and I enjoy creating long and short form sales copy, effective headlines, social media content, email campaigns, video scripts, and advertising concepts that attract. With over 15 years of magazine writing, regular engaging content is a given. I understand SEO optimization, Google Adwords, and A/B testing in email campaigns.

While at the COMP Performance Group I served as an unofficial Creative Director, creating materials and ad concepts for all seven of their various brands and media properties. This included concept and branding, ad and campaign development, and writing copy for everything from packaging and catalogs to digital and traditional marketing, and even video scripting. I aided in art direction and mentored two graphic artists. I led weekly creative meetings for team building.

Prior to COMP I honed the craft of distilling information into effective bites at a dream job for ten years before tiring of the travel. I’ll fit in any info in any space.

For a text-book sample of all the traditional copywriting elements in one spot check out my SEO-tuned website:

I’ve lived on both coasts prior to landing in the Memphis area and have traveled the country extensively. I have a thorough understanding of America’s diversity and cultures.

I’m fast: I speak fast, I drive fast, and I think fast. 

I’m a proud parent and a car guy with a muscle car, two Volkswagens, and a vintage tractor. My hobby time is divided between gardening in the summer and creating one-off “show rod”-style model cars in the winter. The latter a life-long passion and featured in a book.

Contact me today and let me help YOU say what you mean.


After a decade on the road I discovered a love for gardening. They say it grows the soul, and I've found that to be true.

After a decade on the road I discovered a love for gardening. They say it grows the soul, and I’ve found that to be true.



I love traveling and am thankful to have stood in so many places.


I fix my own flats.

I fix my own flats and build my own websites.